Because a good job is the best way out of poverty. 

According to the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines, 21.6% of the population lives below the national poverty line.  For every 1,000 babies born in the Philippines, 22 die before their first birthday. The majority of those in poverty are engaged in some form of small scale farming or informal business to get by.  Many have difficulties to access electricity, technology or financing that can improve their income. Ziran apparel hopes to help support income generating options for Philippines. 

We help in the following ways. 



Every product sold generates income and life changing opportunities. 

Ziran is working with small informal businesses in the Philippines to provide quality up cycled handmade sandals. Our goal is to help low-income families to increase wages. Ziran manufactures in Philippines to provide and economic boost to people that need it.   Every Ziran product purchased supports increasing work, wages and livelihood for people in the Philippines.