It is estimated that almost 50% of youth under age 30 are working in blue-collar jobs in Taiwan. Lack of supportive environment can mean its difficult to learn and advance. Many youth may not have support at home and even been neglected by family. While Taiwan Government and non-profits have improved support of youth programs there is still room for improvement. Ziran wants to help support youth development in Taiwan.

We help in the following way.




Every product sold provides for youth development in Taiwan.

We have partnered with the organization  Kid’s Bookhouse Taidong 台東建和書屋 to help support positive youth development and growth for young people in there journey towards success. The Bookhouse provides education and support to youth in variety of ways.  Every Ziran product  purchased provides youth support to improve their life. 


我們與台東建和書屋(Kid’s Bookhouse Taidong)合作,台東建和書屋以許多種方式為青年提供教育和支持,而我們透過捐贈的方式,支持積極正面的年輕人創業以及成長,陪伴他們一同邁向成功之路。因此在自然購買的每一項產品未來皆會用於改善這些年輕人的生活並且支持他們的夢想。